Receive your code by email. Once you finalize the payment you will receive the code by email.

Delivery of codes depends on orders placed before you. Gift cards are forms of digital codes you receive them by Email after finalizing the payment.

Delivery time from 10 min to 2 days By email sent to the address mentioned when registering on the website

Payment by credit card is secure: the buyer chooses the products he wishes to order in the "basket", makes modifications if necessary (quantities), verifies the Email address or enters a new one. Then we calculate the amount. the buyer then selects the payment method he prefers: “Payment by credit card”.

In the next step, you are asked to check all the information, read and accept the general conditions of sale by checking the corresponding box, then validate your order by clicking on the “Confirm my order” button. Finally, the user is directed to the CMI platform to perform information securely. If payment is accepted, the order is recorded. Payment made by credit card is final.

Confirming an order means accepting the current conditions of sale, acknowledging having in-depth knowledge and waiving the right to rely on your own conditions of purchase.

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